From Spain: Hello Trevor, we know you have introduced yourself several times in other interviews, but, if you don´t mind, could you introduce yourself one more time for the amigans Spaniards?

Hello and thank you for the invitation to answer your questions. Yes, I have answered a few interviews over the past year. 😉  However, as most people now know, I am a long time Commodore and Amiga enthusiast.  I purchased by first computer in 1981, a Commodore PET 4032. My next was a C64 followed by a C128D. I am passionate about Commodore and Amiga computers and have amassed quite a collection of 8-bit machines, Classic Amigas and a whole variety of next generation machines and their derivatives. In fact I’m interested in almost anything faintly Amiga related whatever the hue or flavour. I wrote the “Amiga Retrospective” series of articles for “Total Amiga” and later transferred to “Amiga Future” magazine, which charts the history of the Amiga computer from its inception, the demise of Commodore and subsequent attempts to revive the Amiga’s fortunes.

I have also written numerous articles for “Amiga Future” covering all aspects of the Amiga scene: Show reports, hardware reviews, software reviews and special features. Sigue leyendo

Entrevista a Trevor Dickinson de A-EON, esta noche a las 22 horas.

A falta de recibir la segunda mitad de la traducción de la entrevista, esta noche publicaremos la versión original en inglés para ir abriendo boca, para los que tengan problemas con este idioma que no se preocupen que muy pronto la colgaremos también, era nuestra prioridad pero por problemas de fuerza mayor se ha retrasado un poco más de la cuenta. Hoy, a las 22 horas (hora peninsular), para vosotros… Trevor Dickinson, director de A-EON.