AmigaOne X1000 en la Alchimie 2011

El AmigaOne X1000/OS4.1 será mostrado también en la feria/party Alchimie 2011, en el sur de Francia del 11 al 13 de noviembre patrocinado por Relec y otros.

Incluirá una conferencia sobre XMOS.

También se podrán ver en acción el AmigaOne 500 de Acube y MorphOS 3 sobre PowerBook G4.

Comunicado original:

The French Connection.

AmigaOne X-1000 debuts at the Alchimie show

Wellington, 29th October 2011

A-EON Technology is pleased to announce that the AmigaOne X1000, running the
latest version of AmigaOS4.1, will makes its French public debut at the 9th
annual Alchimie show organised by the TripleA Amiga user group in
Tain-L’Hermitage, France. The 3-day multi-platform show, now in its 10th
year, is the largest Amiga gathering in France and is supported by all the
major French speaking Amiga resellers including RELEC with its «The Red One»
product line and VoxelAmigaShop who will demonstrate the AmigaOne X1000.
ACube’s AmigaOne 500, based on the Sam460 will also be on display.

The Alchimie show also includes a coding party and conferences on robotics,
open formats, XMOS chip, Data recovery and Haiku etc. There is also a
plentiful supply of excellent local produce including wine, cheese,
chocolate and much, much more.

Where: The Alchimie, Espace Rochegude, 266000 Tain-L’Hermitage, France

When: November 11-13, 2011

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